Ankit Doogar Founder & CEO

Ankit Doogar
Areas of Expertise
  • Founder and CEO of World Gaming Coin (iWGC)
  • CO-Founder
  • Founder & CEO of
  • Co-Owner of Kolkata Diamonds
  • Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Park Street Privilege Club
  • Founder & CEO of Instaplaypoker
  • Chatered Accountant – The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

He is a 1st Class qualified Chartered Accountant from one of the Top Notch Institutes in India. He has proved himself as one of the eminent successful CA & auditor for many premier concerns, auditing their finances & projects. With the success on his row he soon started his own venture Doogar Advisory Services Private Limited and proved himself as one of the distinguishable entrepreneur in his genre. He have his own firm for auditing the companies & has guided several other companies with their financial advices & proposals & helped them to grow better & achieve prominence in the field of Finance.

Just like making a mark in Accounts & mathematics he soon started developing a passion for Poker & started playing it on a pastime basis. After learning & gaining confidence in Poker he started playing more on regular basis & gradually he took it as a hardcore profession. As poker is a game of skills & involves lots of mathematics & calculations, he generated more & more interest in it & took it as a serious profession leveraging his mathematics skills. This knowledge of Mathematics helped him to relate with poker more vividly & hence this power took him to sky high levels with every passing days & soon he was recognized as professional & recreational poker player. In a very short period of time he started gaining fame & became one of the renowned poker faces & pro in India & amongst the poker community.

The game which gave him such name & fame made him more inclined into it & soon with an added step he started exploring the new horizons in the field of poker. To cater this desire he started playing high value Tournaments & Cash Games in almost all the major events organized by different communities from all over the country & world. He travelled in every corner to play professional poker for fulfilling his unstoppable craving for poker & shining victorious amongst the other best Poker Players & Pros..

India’s Leading , trusted & Licensed Online Poker Company.

Founder & CEO

His range of achievement & fame from Poker Industry got him into founding an Online Poker Brand STARPOKER.IN, India’s Leading Online Poker Platform. He started this successful online poker venture in 2015 as a CEO of this Company. is a successful online poker platform operating with more than 40,000+ Players from all over the states in India. The company has organized & established a strong branding by organizing & sponsoring major events in almost all the Premier Engineering & Management Institutes in India & also sponsoring the One of the famous social events of India. The company has White labeled to 8 National & International poker sites with a global customer base of over 500,000 poker enthusiasts.


Park Street Privilege Club

Kolkata’s Only Privileged Club & one of The Best in The World

Co-Founder & Co-Owner

After successful operation of, he took his passion  a step further by collaborating himself as a Co-Founder & Owner of one of the Best & Lavish Clubs in India & World, Park Street Privilege Club. The Club is for the privileged members where the members are able to enjoy the day listening music’s, Dj’s, Sports, Poker & Dinners as well. This club is one the best Poker Operating Club in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. With almost all the major & big Cash Games in the House the club has been successful to have the footfalls of renowned Poker Players & Enthusiasts from all over the world.

Kolkata Diamonds

The Professional Kolkata Poker Team


He is also a Co-Owner of the Kolkata Poker Team, KOLKATA DIAMONDS which has successfully participated in the 2 seasons of Match IPL, organized by Mr. Raj Kundra, the owner of Viaan Industries. The Kolkata team stood 4th in the last concluded season of Match IPL. The team is a group of highly skilled & professional Poker players lead by him participating & playing Professional poker & competing with the best in the category.


India’s Largest and Exclusive Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Media Company

Founder & CEO

Gaining rampant success & response from the previous ventures he soon discovered his interest in the field of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency & started investing up as a real-time business. With his own vivid knowledge & experience in Internet Business he became keen in opening & launching a new Brand. Currently he is the CEO &Founder of CRYPTBUZZ.COM, a Leading Online News Portal on the world of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain. This online news portal is India’s Largest and Exclusive Blockchain and Cryptocurrency media company , focused on community building and spreading right knowledge about emerging technologies.

World Gaming Coin – iWGC

World’s First and Regulated Gaming Coin

Founder & CEO

With a very strong vision & belief in Emerging Technologies he felt the necessity to revolutionize the Online Gaming Space due to serious loop-holes in the traditional online gaming platforms. This crucial need dragged him to start a new venture World Gaming Coin (iWGC)- As part of Starpoker’s Expansion, iWGC is World’s First and Regulated Gaming ICO with over 500,000 User base along with in partnership with over 10 Global Leading Poker companies. We are solving some of biggest problems by creating a blockchain based Online Gaming,100% Transparency in liquidity and making users control of their funds . It’s Creating Opportunities in Gaming Space to Invest in the utility of existing and regulated company.

iWGC Logo


Online Company operating Poker on Blockchain Technology

Founder & CEO

Since he is an ardent lover & achiever in the Poker Industry he recently also founded a new Online Poker Platform of world industry Standard. He is now a proud owner & CEO of the online Poker Company, INSTAPLAYPOKER.COM, and the platform will be totally based & build on Blockchain environment. Here the card shuffling method, RNG, will be totally fair as the new platform will be on the blockchain technology where the manipulation is impossible & will make the game play faster & fairer. The deposits & the withdrawals will be in the cryptocurrency iWGC which will satiate the players as they will be in full control of their funds & will help them to enjoy the play more.

As mentioned earlier he is a true believer in emerging technologies & as a strong serial Entrepreneur always attempts new & innovative avenues of his Poker passion & recognition that he gained from world-wide. This truly motivates him to achieve great results from the field of poker & everyday enjoy poker in new horizon.

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