500000 International Poker Players
8 White labelled Platforms
40000 Indian Poker Players
3 Years in
Ethereum Based

A fully decentralized poker platform built on Ethereum smart contracts.

Legally Compliant

AI fraud detection, integrated KYC/AML/ and fair game oriented.

Unique Industry Insights

The team brings in years of experience in the poker and blockchain industry.

Functional Platform

The decentralized poker platform is ready and will go live directly after the token distribution.

About The Project

What is World Gaming Coin (iWGC) ?

The iWGC token and platform aim to unify the global poker arena and create a decentralized and open-sourced ecosystems that enables players from all over the world to play with one another. This will be the first platform of its kind giving full power to the player in a transparent and trustless environment bringing together different components of the blockchain and distributed ledger technology

The core team partially administers an established poker website with 40,000+ active global players and is also white labeled to 8 other global sites with more than 500,000 active poker enthusiasts. Now, the team is introducing a better poker platform addressing a global audience of poker players, while eliminating existing problems in the industry, all due to the power of smart contracts. Please read our White Paper

World Gaming Coin Explainer Video
World Gaming Coin Explainer Video
World Gaming Coin Introduction
World Gaming Coin Introduction
The Ecosystem

The World of iWGC

The iWGC ecosystem operates on several independent smart contracts handling the in-game logic and gameplay. We utilize the power of on and off-chain activities to combat the current scalability issues faced by the Ethereum network. For more information please refer to our Technical Paper.

By leveraging blockchain and digital cash solutions we will bring revolutionary change to the industry and will merge players into a single poker room, offering total transparency to any participant around the globe.

Players will have full control over their funds and are able to verify past hand history and that the poker session was 100% fair game.

Changing the statusquo

Problems That iWGC Solves




Lack of Transparency

This has led to widespread distrust among prospective players as well as regulators.

Decentralized Random Number Generator  

Random Number Generator based on the open Ethereum network allows full transparency and ensures fair gameplay.

Fund Issues

The funds used by players are either held by the service provider or a third party rather than the players themselves.

End-users’ Full Control of Funds

iWGC gives players full control of their funds which they can withdraw instantly to any ERC20 compatible wallet.

Frozen Funds

Given that funds are held by service providers or third parties, players cannot readily transfer their funds to other poker rooms. This restricts cross-boundary play while also creating latency if players desire to withdraw their winnings.

Mobility of Funds

iWGC tokens make use of the Ethereum blockchain, enabling the seamless movement of funds across borders and platforms. Users are likewise given the option of withdrawing their funds without any hindrances.

Customer Protection

A number of sites have been forced to close down due to issues related to liquidity as well as having no guarantee that community funds are held in escrow.

Use of Smart Contracts

iWGC provides a fully open ecosystem through the use of smart contracts, enabling immutable and transparent transactions.

Lack of Checks and Balances

Most poker rooms lack adequate KYC procedures which tacitly enables unethical players to hide their real identity behind avatars and encourages unfair gameplay against recreational players.

Guaranteed Fairness

By complying with effective KYC procedures and implementing AI fraud detection, iWGC’s fair-play security network will screen players’ activities to identify unfair gameplay practices. The team will consistently look out for suspicious activities on the platform.

Low Numbers of Players

Players are often tied to their local poker site which usually only uses their local currency. This results in some players being unable to play due to insufficient numbers within their platform.

Borderless Gaming Experience

iWGC will draw players from all over the world to one unified poker platform which utilizes a global poker token, putting aside geographic and jurisdictional boundaries.

High Fees

Exorbitant in-game fees in combination with additional costs when deposition or withdrawing makes online poker unattractive for regular players.

Reduction of Fees

Through the use of blockchain, there will be no need for unnecessary fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Players have Limited Say

Players are often forced to blindly trust their local platforms with little say in the way they are run.

Empowering the Community

Open-source software and an efficient API will provide the community with a way to actively direct the games within the platform.


Token Structure

Token Distribution

  • 60% Token sale
  • 25% Promotors & founders
  • 5% Employees & team members (lock in period 3 years)
  • 3.5% iWGC Foundation for further R&D
  • 3% Advisory (lock in period 6 months)
  • 3% Pr & community market team (lock in period 1 year)
  • 0.5% Legal team

Fund Allocation

  • 40% Partner and ecosystem development
  • 25% Marketing community building
  • 15% Research and development
  • 13% Platform development
  • 7% General administration


First market analysis and creation of the company.
May 2014
Soft launch and testing of our first online poker platform.
January 2015
Official launch of the online poker room as well as its corresponding online promotional campaigns. First offline promotions of the platform will be conducted at several events and exhibitions.
May 2016
Q1 – Research on blockchain technology and platform integration.
Q2 – Research on ERC20 based platform.
Q3 – Develop the iWGC token idea and create a use-case framework for a utility token. 
Q4 – Explore how to integrate iWGC into www.instaplaypoker.com as well as other gaming platforms. Selection of cashier modules for the Ethereum-based iWGC token will take place.
January 2017
Q1 – Licenses and legal registration of the iWGC token.
Q2 – Finalization of iWGC’s Whitepaper and Technical Paper as well as the development of the platform and the Smart Contracts within it
Q3 – Presale & Crowd Sale launch
Q4 – In-game data will be stored on blockchain using Smart Contracts to make way for the development of iOS and Android versions of the platform. The iWGC token will be integrated into the platform and will be distributed to users. Promotional campaigns, including live tournaments, will also be launched.
January 2018
Q1 – Implement AI fraud detection techniques and appoint agents from around the world. Execute fully decentralized RNG
Q2 – Acquisition of renowned poker sites across the globe and launch of loyalty reward program.
Q3 – Integration of iWGC into acquired platforms and launch of first global poker tournaments.
Q4 – Expansion of iWGC into other online based games.
January 2019

Our Team Members

Our Adviser


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